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Back from the 80s


The Harmony brand was born in the 80s, together with the first home loudspeakers produced by ESB company. The production of car speakers began in the 90s, with a wide range of products that combined high quality performance at a lower price than the ESB speakers themselves, but without ever forgetting the final result, that is a speaker capable of reproducing with high fidelity the whole sound spectrum.

This year Harmony come back to the market with a wide range of high-quality products.

Harmony Blue Note & Hard Rock


Why “Blue Note”? It comes from the Blue Note Jazz time (1930-1950). It is a way to connect name of audio products with important moments of the modern music history. This touches the soul of people who are passionate about music, and the most easily remembered names. Harmony will also use “Blue Note” brand for all the products that have a “classic” sound quality, inspired at what we consider Sound Quality in the High-End market. Harmony “Hard Rock” is used for a sound that can be similar to what we can have today in the discotheque. A typical difference can be a less deep bass and more efficiency.
This year Harmony come back to the market with a wide range of products, including a 2-way speaker system, a couple of coaxial speakers, and 3 subwoofers, including active underseat and spare wheel models, offering a ready-to-use package to all customers.

ESB Harmony Series

Active Subwoofers


The most popular products are those that offer an interesting acoustic result and that can be hidden inside the car, just like the original components. We have improved acoustic quality and reliability to provide “ready-to-use” amplified subwoofers, that can be easily installed under the front seats or inside the rim of your spare wheel. 

The HR 10 US is an underseat subwoofer with integrated Class-AB amplifier. The control panel lets you to set Input Gain, LP Filter, Bass Boost, and Phase of your sub. The Low and High-Level Inputs guarantee the maximum installation flexibility. The HR 11 SW is an active subwoofer that fits inside the rim of your spare wheel and the die-cast aluminium case makes it sturdy and long-lasting. Easy to install, the HR 11 SW will provide a powerful and dynamic sound thanks to a dual voice coil speaker and a 200 Watts Class-D amplifier. With the included Remote Control you can adjusts the volume level, phase switch changes the input phase (non-inverted or inverted), the crossover frequency from 50 to 150Hz, and bass boost with up to 12dB of boost.


Harmony Series

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