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HR 10 US

10"/250 mm Active Underseat Subwoofer

Main Features

The most popular audio products are those that offer an interesting acoustic solution with low cost (both for the product and installation) that can be hidden inside a car, just like the original components. In the case of our subwoofer, we have improved acoustic quality and reliability to provide a “ready-to-use” amplified subwoofer that can be easily installed under the front seats. The control panel lets you to set Input Gain, LP Filter, Bass Boost, and Phase of this sub. The Low and High-Level Inputs guarantee maximum installation flexibility.
- Easy Underseat Installation.
- Low Level RCA and High-Level Inputs.
- Variable Gain Control, LP Filter, Bass Boost, Phase Control.
- Auto Power-ON (with Hi-Lev Inputs).
- Remote Control.

Technical Specifications

- Amplifier Class: AB
- Power: 260 W (Max), 130 W (RMS)
- Frequency Response: 10 Hz ~ 150 Hz
- Sensitivity: 92 dB 1W/1m
- Dim. (mm): 261 (L) x 346 (W) x 78.5 (H)

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