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HB 1.10S4

10"/250 mm Subwoofer

Main Features

The HB1-10S4 subwoofer was designed with selected materials to improve bass response and is the perfect match with speakers from the same series. This subwoofer has an oversized cone and suspension to handle more power and produce strong and controlled bass. The pressed paper cone guarantees greater resistance and rigidity for optimal low frequency response. The large Y25 ferrite magnet allows for optimal magnetic flux, even at high powers. For better response and performance, we recommend using a closed enclosure of approximately 28 liters.

Technical Specifications

- Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
- Nominal Power Handling: 200 W
- Peak Power: 400 W
- Frequency Response: 43 Hz ~ 1.5 KHz
- Sensitivity: 88 dB

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