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Research at the highest level


The ESB 3000 speaker system was developed and assembled with a great commitment in the research of materials and engineering solutions of the highest level.

The baskets have been engineered in order to obtain the maximum in terms of torsional rigidity (bending). Pressed paper with waterproof treatment are the best marriage of lightness, stiffness and the ability of the cone to dampen any unwanted vibration. All the woofers are equipped with a motor with a grade Y-35 Ferrite magnet, with significantly 

higher performance than the classic "standard" ones.

The tweeters use a silk-impregnated thin fabric dome diaphragm for a smooth sound, and oversized voice coils, ventilated and damped with iron-fluid oil.

They are supplied with accessories for flexible installation.

Treated paper cones


It is widely recognized that cones made of paper are the best marriage of lightness, stiffness and the ability of the cone to dampen any unwanted vibration (read: distortion). The paper cone, widely known for its excellent sound attributes, is waterproof, thanks to a polymer developed exclusively by ESB. The treatment does not change the appearance and parameters of the speaker like the shiny polymers that add an appreciable amount of mass to the cone itself and significantly modify the sonic result.

The treatment protects the cone from water dripping (like inside a door panel), as well as accidental splashes on the front of the cone.

Basket and ventilation system


The ABS basket, reinforced with fiberglass, have been engineered in order to obtain the maximum in terms of torsional rigidity (bending), but at the same time offer the minimum resistance to the passage of air displaced by the cone from the rear face. This is clearly visible from the numerous stiffeners and ribs. The basket plays a fundamental role in aligning the coil in the magnetic circuit, its rigidity is crucial. A factor of no secondary importance is the damping of this component, often metal baskets tend to resonate, and this significantly alters the final sound result of the speaker. The material used, in addition to not being as sensitive to thermal changes, is non-flammable, and also non-resonant.

In addition, the ABS frame allows for a better clamping force torque than typical pressed steel frames and ensures that the voice coil remains well centered within the magnetic field.

ESB 3000 Series
ESB 3.65 Exploded



High Damping Single Wave Perbunan Rubber. The Perbunan rubber edge is much more stable when the temperature changes than the classic rubber, its range of use goes from -20 ° to + 100 ° while maintaining its elasticity performance almost constant. Its profile ensures a dual function of high damping and great transversal stability, this means that the cone is "forced" only to the vertical movement, eliminating the transversal movements that could cause contact with the coil and the magnet, this means that these speakers can operate safely at high power and high excursions.



ESB's research department has spent a lot of time researching the ideal shape of this fundamental component (spider) which must guarantee the perfect and linear travel of the cone at both low and high power, but must limit its excursion before it can get out of control. The material used is a special balanced cotton impregnated with phenolic resin that ensure a perfectly symmetrical excursion already from the first mW of power, and then attenuate it when it reaches the value of Xmax. The design of this component ensures perfect ventilation of the voice coil, evacuating the heat from the lower part of the speaker, and at the same time avoids any counter-pressure given by the movement of the cone.

The magnetic motor


The voice coil of the woofers uses an aluminum support and a winding with a double layer technology of copper wire with an aluminum core. The long stroke design was chosen to improve sensitivity and efficiency while keeping distortion to a minimum. All these speakers are equipped with a motor with a grade Y-35 Ferrite magnet, a type of magnet with significantly higher performance than the classic "standard" ones. The metal parts of the engine use low carbon steel and have been designed to obtain the maximum magnetic saturation, this guarantees the best electroacoustic parameters.

Tweeters and UMA (Mid-High Unit)


3000 series tweeters use a silk-impregnated thin fabric dome diaphragm for a smooth sound, with an outer suspension covered with a high-loss damping material to eliminate edge vibration and resonance.

Two 28 and 25 mm voice coils for the two tweeters respectively. Both on aluminum support and very light copper-coated aluminum wire. The coils are ventilated and damped with iron-fluid oil.

Both use high-grade neodymium magnets such as N-42, optimized with computer simulations to get better efficiency and improve linearity.The special ventilation design, SVS (Surround Vented System) provides two benefits: optimal cooling of voice coil and avoiding compressing the air at the back of the dome.

Totally new, the 3.UMA. This special and exclusive component driver is a concept born way back in 70’s, its aim is to concentrate medium and tweeter emissions in a single virtual point. This minimizes phase delays and irregularities at the crossover point. The speaker is composed of the 1"/ 25 mm tweeter and the 3.65 midrange, with different dust cover to have a midrange function (not widerange) and not interfere with the tweeter frequencies.

ESB 3000 Convertible Speakers

Convertible Speakers



The 3000 series includes two convertible speakers, with a 6.5”/165 mm or a 6x9”/150x230 mm woofer, and a 1”/25 mm dome tweeter. By removing the tweeter from the woofer, it allows the system to transform from a coaxial system to a separate 2-way system.

When using the woofer in "component" mode, the tweeter support is replaced by mounting an ABS phase plug on the pole piece. This detail is essential to focus the high frequency information in the center of the cone. The ABS phase plug innovative design ensures that the speaker response remains linear at mid-high and high frequencies. Its concavities arranged on a very open angle help to increase linearity even at accentuated listening angles. This is very important for the reproduction of the medium and medium-high range when the woofer is installed in the lower part of the door.

ESB 3.UMA and Tweeters

3000 Series - Speaker Systems

3000 Series - Components



8"/200 mm Active Subwoofer



With the adoption of this amplification technology, which allows the use of very low impedance loudspeakers, a very high efficiency is obtained (ideal for electric machines), an amplifier without the switching power supply stage (therefore less noise), a high power in a small space.


- Active Subwoofer in Ported Enclosure

- Ultra-compact design (only 15 cm deep)

- Built in 600 watts high current Class D amplifier

- 8"/ 200 mm, 0.25 Ohm Speaker

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