Special Speakers for Audi cars

The first Special Speakers, a new project, was made for the Audi A4, A6 and Q5 models.
The ESB team found immediately problem to match the unique Audi speaker's housing and the original amplifier... but now we have a full line of high performance speakers.

The first Special speakers, a new project, was made for the Audi cars. Audi A4, Audi A6 and Q5. The ESB team found immediately problem to match the unique Audi speaker's housing and the original amplifier (with too low power to drive properly high quality speakers). It was not possible to change the amplifier, integrated in the car electronic system with own Most bus and DSP, then the challenge was to develop new higher quality speakers with same or more efficiency of the originals. The depth of the speaker housing was also very limited (only a few centimeters), than it was impossible to adapt cone speakers with traditional voice coils and magnet group. Then we developed new speakers (in the 8" and 6.5" size), with neodymium magnet and special voice coil group. The name of that speakers are ESB CS-W81 and ESB CS-W61, and you will find also in other cars. That speakers have low depth and can be adapted with special car's adapters (in elegant aluminum Ferrari red color) to match exactly the car spaces. Also the connectors can match the original car wire's connectors, plug and play. With the 8" and 6.5" speakers, for the Audi we made two new tweeters also, the 1.2" ESB CS-T31 and the 1" ESB CS-T21. Also these two tweeters you will see used for other cars. All the speakers included in the Car Kits have a different name because are supplied in the kit just integrated with the car adapters. So the ESB CS-W81 become ESB A6-F81 used in the front of the Audi 6 and become ESB A4-F81 used in the front of the Audi 4 and Audi Q5. The same for the other Audi speakers.

Like for the front and rear speakers also the subwoofer was difficult to produce to replace the original with exactly the same problems (the original space got in the top of the car boot is too limited). Then the ESB team decided to produce an amplified subwoofer to be installed in the car trunk with its dedicated box. We used a special wood box, covered with synthetic leather, and with a 400 watts amplifier inside (the amplifier is produced from the Zapco company). But was also developed a very unique subwoofer (the ESB CS-W10S1), very shallow, to have a box with limited depth. That box match perfectly the Audi A6 and Audi A4 trunk, and can be used also in the Audi Q5.

AUDI Special Speakers Series

BMW - ESB Speaker Diagram

ESB A6/A4/Q5 - Front 200

Front Speaker System

ESB AUDI - Sub 1

Subwoofer Box

ESB A6/A4/Q5 - Rear 165

Rear Speaker System