New High-End Speaker Series


The new 9000 series are one of the most technologically advanced car audio speakers ever produced, and also one of the most elegant. Technology and design come together in a new and unusual aesthetic, thanks to the particular flower shape of the flanges around the speaker dome, then also in the baskets of the cone speaker. But the particular shape was not born only for an aesthetic factor.

It is an expression of  innovation.

Most advanced aircraft engine and speakers technology

9000 Series


The new 9000 Series is an expression of an innovation, that requires that the acoustic refraction on the edges of the dome speakers (which have normally large dispersion) may be less damaging if the board is not equidistant from the dome's center, but varies discontinuously according to the new design of the 9000 series speakers. An analogy can be found in the new Rolls Royce engines for the last aircraft that reproduce the same form on the back edge (precisely where the air comes out and where they form the major turbulence). With the new design these engines have achieved great advantages such as reducing the noise in the cabin (about 10dB) and the reduction of fuel consumption (about 10%). this is not just a random analogy, both are constructive choices and both came from the same premise: Reduce the harmful turmoil in the edge of the speakers.

ESB 9.028 Inside

Tweeter - Main Construction Features


• Dust filter to linearize the impedance peak and making the impedance module more linear and homogeneous for passive crossover and amplifier advantage.

• Plastic “stopper” for fixing the gold-plated fast-on terminal.

• Low carbon steel pole piece. Worked with very high precision CNC machines in order to use very tight tolerances to increase efficiency, power and performance. The large mass helps to reduce the temperature so that the tweeter can work safely. All magnetic group has been designed with the help of sophisticated FEM software in order to optimize performance and reduce distortions.

• Neodymium high grade and high temperature magnet (tweeter) ensures great magnetic force even after hours of use when the tweeter will be hot (the degree of neodymium exceeds 120°).

• The “butterfly” is the mobile unit holder drawing to obtain perfect dimensional stability. It guarantees coaxial of all parts with very low tolerances, this reduces distortion and improves performance.

• Damper under the dome made of pure long fiber wool, the best material to absorb to attenuate medium and high frequencies.

• Laminated aluminum former with CCAW wire for perfect balance on power handling and weigh. This voice coil is very light and can work easy over 20 KHz. Aluminum on former guarantee a fast transient response and a very natural sound.

• Light semi-transparent silk is a perfect combination of lightness and rigidity and today it is probably the best material for an extremely realistic musical reproduction.

• Pure natural felt ring just over the dome surround helps to damp reflection for a better focus of sound stage.

• Special front plate design is energized for controlling side tweeter reproduction, reducing car glass reflection and creating wider listening angle.

ESB 9000 Series Woofers

Woofer and Midrange - Main Construction Features


• CNC aluminum cover of the magnetic motor.

• 99.9% pure copper Faraday ring inside the voice coil reduces coil inductance of about 90% and this is the reason why this 

midrange can work perfectly at very high frequency, drastically reducing II/III harmonic distortions. 

• High grade neodymium dual magnets ensures great magnetic force even after hours of use (the degree of neodymium exceeds 120°), and generates an incredible driving force for a perfect control of the coil, and an incredible speed of transient response.

• Die cast aluminum basket, extremely rigid to ensure maximum stability for all moving parts, but also very "open" to let the rear pressure of the cone pass. This ensures uniform pressure on the two faces of the cone, reducing deformations and distortion.

• Flat Conex spider. The draw of this important part is energized for a perfect linear run on both direction.

• 25 mm (midrange), 75 mm (woofer) voice coil. Special super light material are used for this voice coil. This is the goal for a very wide extended range and an incredible power handling.

• The cone is made with real woven carbon fiber with epoxy resin. A mix about lightness and rigidity for balance long excursion run at low frequency and very hight frequency response.

• Special design surround in pure NBR is a perfect and fluid continuation of cone shape to match the basket. A fluid fitting eliminates unwanted resonances and cone deformations. Even the waves standing inside the cone sell dissipated in a much better way than a traditional suspension. In addition, the thickness of the suspension is differentiated to facilitate small movements and increase the overall sound of the speaker.

• Laminated aeronautical aluminum used for dust cup. This help the speaker at high frequency as a similar way a tweeter dome.

• Aluminum CNC machined finishing ring helps to clamp the surround edge.

9000 Series