New High-End Speaker Series


The new 9000 series are the most technologically advanced car audio products currently under construction, and also the most elegant. Technology and design come together in a new and unusual aesthetic, thanks to the particular flower shape of the flanges around the speaker dome, then also in the baskets of the cone speaker. But the particular shape is born of an aesthetic factor. It is an expression of an innovation.

Most advanced aircraft engine and speakers technology

Designed and Engineered in Italy


The particular indentation of 9000 series speakers is born of an aesthetic factor. It is an expression of an innovation that requires that the acoustic refraction on the edges of the dome speakers (which have normally large dispersion) may be less damaging if the board is not equidistant from the dome's center, but varies discontinuously according to the new design of the 9000 series speakers. An analogy can be found in the new Rolls Royce engines for the last aircraft that reproduce the same form on the back edge (precisely where the air comes out and where they form the major turbulence). With the new design these engines have achieved great advantages such as reducing the noise in the cabin (about 10dB) and the reduction of fuel consumption (about 10%). this is not just a random analogy, both are constructive choices and both came from the same premise: Reduce the harmful turmoil in the edge of the speakers.

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