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Super High-End Speaker Series



The DIECIMILA series has been designed without considering any kind of economic, constructive and technological limitations, in order to obtain absolute sonic purity in music reproduction. 

We have focused our research and development laboratory on the ability to have full control over all speaker features and parameters, allowing us to build these products without the typical compromises that many high-end speaker manufacturers have to make.

Our state-of-the-art handcrafted speakers
ESB 10.T


Super High-End Tweeter


Advances in the development of beryllium processing technology, an intense study of the geometric shape of the special oversized inverted dome that incorporates the suspension in a single piece, and our innovative MT-1 motor system, have led to the development of the 10.T tweeter. The 10.T is a tweeter with significantly wider range, lower distortion, greater power handling and higher efficiency than any other available on the market today.

Available with beryllium or silk dome.

A huge high grade neodymium magnet was combined with polar plates built of material of very high magnetic permeability. This generates a field of unparalleled magnetic flux, perfectly linear and symmetrical. This means the delicate tweeter coil will always have the same power of magnetic field at any point in its travel, giving a considerable reduction in distortion and an increased ability to reproduce the lowest frequencies in the tweeter’s range.

All the parts that make up the tweeter have been made with sophisticated precision control machinery in order to have a precision of assembly and therefore of centering between the voice coil and the magnet with an unimaginable tolerance compared to the other tweeter, a degree of 

precision absolutely not within reach of any tweeter that uses plastic parts.

A careful study was also dedicated to the development of the central part of the motor assembly, where the innovative design was able to eliminate any phenomenon of air compression under the very thin beryllium dome. This arrangement avoids any deformation of the dome with obvious benefits of less distortion.

In order to dampen the rear acoustic waves generated by the dome, a carbon bottom has been designed, where its particular exponential shape cancels them by dispersing them laterally, where a special acoustically absorbing material, completes the work.



Super High-End Woofer


The 10.W woofer diaphragm is the first in the world that uses a double carbon fiber skin made with pure carbon nanotubes. The choice of a double skin crossed at 45° means that the distribution of the stresses along the axis of the nanotubes always occurs along their normal direction, thus creating a membrane that is extremely very light but has a rigidity and non-deformability never seen in any other speaker in the world. 

The entire hemispherical membrane is made in a single piece, without the use of the classic dust cover. This method, combined with the gluing of the suspension on the rear face and the extension of the diaphragm well beyond the point of union with the 

suspension, prevents the classic discontinuities that exist in any other woofer, ensuring absolutely neutral and faithful sound reproduction.

The stiffness of the cone, much higher than that of many metals, combined with an excellent internal damping guarantees the perfect "piston" effect, where the performance does not vary with the frequency, minimizing the deformations caused by internal vibrations. The playback speed at transients is astounding and hard to match. A carbon ring couples the moving coil with the membrane, and its particular shape ensures a large contact area both on the coil side and on the cone side. This guarantees a perfect energy transfer from the coil to the cone with no loss and above all, no concentration of effort. Normally this important point of contact where all the energy released by the voice coil passes to the cone is made with a simple glue ring. This does not guarantee a constant reproducible with precision, but mainly due to its small size, it concentrates all the effort in a small area, causing stress to the parts resulting in deformation and distortion.


Resonances in the body of a musical instrument are an essential part of defining its nature and quality. For a speaker, the exact opposite is true. Speaker basket resonances are a significant cause of sound coloration. ESB's R&D department has devoted a great deal to developing materials and shapes to balance the mass, stiffness and damping of the ideal basket.

The result was obtained with a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber. The use of aluminum alone, while having excellent characteristics, such as extreme rigidity, has the negative characteristic of not being particularly damped. Our design, which combines two aluminum plates for aerospace use (Avional) with high thickness carbon fiber couplers making the baskets virtually inert. These have no discernible coloring, allowing the speakers to operate with maximum clarity and dynamics. Although expensive to implement, the use of aluminum in our speakers plays a fundamental role in our design philosophy.


A look inside


The robust MW-1 motor which includes the large titanium voice coil, and a neodymium magnet, reduces distortion levels to a fraction of those found in even the best alternatives available on the market. A copper sleeve encapsulates the entire distance of the voice coil, decreasing the inductance to about 1/10 of its original value. This feature substantially reduces driver non-linearity and intermodulation distortion by increasing its overload handling capability.

In the development of the 10000 series loudspeakers, a colossal effort was made to minimize eddy currents in the iron parts of the engine and suspension system. Eddy currents are created by the movement of the moving coil and produce a chaotic magnetic field that works "against" the fixed magnetic field, thus creating distortions. The best way to reduce these currents is to saturate the metal parts of the motor as much as possible. When the metal around the coil is completely saturated, induced bending (i.e. eddy currents) cannot develop. To do this requires very advanced design studies, precision machining of parts and huge magnets.

Ventilation system


A ventilation hole in the central part of the magnet ensures both a correct heat exchange between the coil and the external air, and the reduction of pressure under the woofer membrane. Although it looks simple, this hole required a great deal of aerodynamics to create its ideal double opposed cone shape in order to reduce the 

turbulence that could cause unwanted noise. But in addition to this, a flow laminator has been inserted inside it which further reduces turbulence by aligning the fluid threads in an orderly and non-causal and turbulent way.



Super High-End Cone Midrange


For the midrange cone, given its much less heavy stress than the woofer, we opted for a more classic choice, but more suitable for medium and high frequencies. Like a "paper", but not a classic paper, it is a mix of cellulose pulp nanocrystals used as a binder with the addition of Dolomite spruce fiber, the same type of wood used for the construction of Stradivari violins and called "wood resonant". In addition, a percentage of jute and sisal fiber is added, both of these materials offer compact and very long fibers.


A surface layer of phenolic resin spread on both sides of the cone to balance it perfectly and increase its rigidity with a negligible increase in weight. Furthermore, this transformation makes the material virtually insensitive to moisture. The cellulose nanocrystals used as a binder have a Young's modulus higher than aluminum and other metals, but with a much higher internal damping. Additionally, its mass is only a small percentage of that of a metal, in short, it is the ideal mix for lightness, stiffness and damping, all for maximum natural reproduction.


The 10.M midrange uses the same type of basket technology used for the woofer, with a mix of aluminum (Avional) and 

carbon fiber, allowing the speakers to operate with maximum clarity and dynamics. Although expensive to implement, the use of aluminum in our speakers plays a fundamental role in our design philosophy. The 10.M also implements a radial voice coil ventilation system.

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