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The philosophy of this project is to create a loudspeaker system with an extremely high transient response (dynamic),  in order to obtain a music reproduction with a more realistic impact and involvement.

To achieve this, the main goal was to reduce the moving masses in order to make the mobile part of the loudspeaker light and fast in its movements, favoring the sudden variations of movement transmitted by the piece of music through the amplifier.

1.1"/28 mm Dome Tweeter
2"/50 mm Dome Midrange
6.5"/165 mm Woofer
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A look inside


The main part that catches the eye is the membrane, which is on the woofer as on the middle and on the tweeter made of high modulus pre-preg carbon fabric. This material is the perfect combination of lightness and rigidity, precisely the characteristics required of a cone or dome of a loudspeaker in order to be able to move quickly and not deform, causing distortions. The thermosetting resin with which the fabric is impregnated, helps to dampen any vibrations or resonances of the carbon, making the whole of the composite virtually inert, therefore able to reproduce the musical signal as this has been amplified, without altering its tonally.


Lightness is also achieved by acting on the support of the moving coil. Thanks to the hardness and rigidity of the material with which it was made: aeronautical aluminum (Avional), we were able to reduce its thickness to the advantage of reducing weight. The second advantage of using aluminum is its great ability to dispose of the heat generated by the coil, keeping it cooler and ensuring greater safety margins. We have also added radial holes, both to further reduce the mobile masses and to increase ventilation, which also helps to keep temperatures at low levels.


For the voice coil we opted for a winding in aluminum and copper, in this way the masses were reduced without penalizing the power handling. The section of the wire is deliberately not high as the fast response to the musical peaks that this speaker is able to reproduce gives the listener the impression of a much higher (stronger) musical volume than the actual power used, so the speaker gets stressed less and with less power.

The TSW (Twin Symmetrical Wave) suspension, an exclusive ESB design, was designed to overcome four common problems of this particular:


1. This profile allows a travel greater than 35% compared to conventional profiles, therefore at high excursions the cone always remains free to move without undergoing deformation due to the "draft" of the edge.

2. Its shape has been designed to be able to mount cones with a larger diameter than the standard, in this way you get a larger work surface with obvious benefits on music reproduction.

3. Its action is progressive, therefore for short movements it opposes little resistance, in this way the dynamics of the loudspeaker is increased.

4. The shape ensures greater lateral stability, so the cone is always guided correctly in the center. This allowed the reduction of the air gap, consequently increasing the magnetic force and indirectly the manageable power and the efficiency of the loudspeaker.


The engine uses a classic but reliable high grade and purity ferrite magnet (Y35). In the lower part a projection has been created to allow the cone to reach its maximum excursion capacity without ever interfering with the internal part of the plate. This engine uses Extended Pole technology to achieve perfect and symmetrical magnetic flux in both cone displacement directions. All its design has been assisted by FEM computerized systems, this has allowed to minimize the losses of the magnetic flux and concentrate them all only on the point concerned: where the voice coil works. A series of axial holes, on all the loudspeakers of this series, ensures excellent ventilation, almost no counter-pressure and very low noise.


On the midrange and on the tweeter the engine consists of a neodymium magnet.


The spider is in Nomex, a composite material that guarantees reliable and constant performance over time. On this the signal transports are fixed from the terminals to the coil, this choice guarantees the absence of noise and interference between these and the cone. They are silver-plated and have a generous section so as not to have the slightest signal loss.


The dust dome was designed not to vibrate autonomously at certain frequencies (common with the classic domes). The particular point of bonding to the cone and the type of glue used make the two parts (cone and dome) become one.


For the construction of the basket we used a composite material loaded with glass fibers. An excellent combination of lightness and mechanical precision; stability over time and temperature changes, internal damping and not least the cost. The unique design ensures great ventilation for cooling both the coil and the magnet. This ventilation is generated by the movement of the cone. Ventilation is carried out with radial channels placed under the spider, which are then curved downwards, flowing outside to the magnet. The coupling between the motor and the basket, thanks to the properties of the material, is perfect and free of vibrations, everything becomes a single block.


The clamps are made of copper with gold plating, and their simplicity ensures that there is no leakage due to contact resistance, all the power reaches the coil.


For the woofer the values ​​of the parameters of Thiele & Small are determined by the desire to have a product that can sound well and consistently even with different and unpredictable volumes of work. It is not necessary to construct an acoustic volume behind the speaker. Nor will the large volume of a SUV door or a small one of a small car significantly affect its performance.


The midrange dome is equipped with an adapter that allows its assembly also behind a panel of a door, leaving the aesthetics of the front unchanged.

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