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3"/75 mm High-End Cone Midrange

Main Features

- The magnet pole yoke, designed with magnetic flux analysis software, helps to achieve perfect and homogeneous saturation of the magnetic gap for the benefit of a coil stroke and reduction of distortion and increased dynamics.
- Large neodymium magnet. This neodymium high-temperature resistant magnet is one of the most powerful motor magnet structures for this size car audio midrange driver. It is made from a high-grade neodymium and allows the size and bulk of the magnetic motor to be greatly reduced.
- TCA to control the flow of air moved by the cone creates aperiodic damping resistance and dictates that the release of energy accumulated in the movement of the speaker occurs in a controlled and fast manner, without creating persistent oscillations. This contributes to a more precise and faithful response to the audio source and to the accuracy and overall sound quality.
- Pole plate CNC machined from a solid piece of ultra-low-carbon steel.
- Gold-plated soldering terminal helps to save space and prevent any loss of power generated by the amplifier.
- Die cast-aluminum and powder-coated basket offers very low resistance to the passage of air, and its shape (verified by FEM analysis) reduces vibration and resonance.
- Wide, lightweight Nomex voice coil with aluminum winding contributes significantly to the wide bandwidth extension.
- Large balanced Conex™ spider damper device ensures linear excursion in both directions thereby reducing distortion.
- Collar for joint voice coil and cone. This distributes the pressure on the cone over a large area for reduced deformation and distortion.
- Cone is made with vacuum and autoclave molded high-modulus carbon, a technology rarely used in loudspeakers because of its cost, but it brings enormous benefits in terms of naturalness of reproduction and high dynamics at transients. This is made in a single piece by eliminating the dust cap. On a component of this small size, this solution offers incredible advantages in homogeneity of dispersion and regularity of frequency response at the high end.
- The NBL rubber surround has a shape designed to ensure very smooth movement at very low excursion, becoming increasingly controlled as the excursion increases and approaches the limit. This, too, helps to make this speaker extremely dynamic and capable of handling high powers.
- CNC-machined aluminum grille (optional).

Technical Specifications

- Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
- Nominal Power Handling: 110 Watt
- Transient Power: 220 Watt
- Frequency Response: 130 Hz ~ 20 KHz
- Sensitivity: 91.5 dB 2.83v/1m

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