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3.6K3 HECX

3-Way High-End Passive Crossover

Main Features

Passive crossovers are used in 2-way and 3-way speaker systems to electrically channel low tones to the bass loudspeaker and high notes and overtones to the high frequency speakers. If a passive crossover has to fulfill its function without compromise, it must be able to handle extreme variations in dynamics, the full range of audio frequencies, complex transients, and the varying impedance of a loudspeaker load. ESB passive crossovers are carefully designed to complement the exact characteristics of ESB speakers. Each crossover network circuit controls the signal to the high and low frequency speakers to maintain smooth acoustic response throughout the full audio spectrum. The 3.6K3 HECX uses high-grade, separate Alu E-Cap, a high quality aluminum foil capacitor designed specifically for passive crossovers (tweeter and midrange drivers). It utilizes a much thinner dielectric insulation compared to the market standard. The use of a thinner dielectric insulator allows for a cap with less “memory” and that is much faster reacting. Compared to the electrolytic capacitors, the Alu E-Cap brings more brightness and a little more natural top end balance to the audio system. Ideal for those who prefer a slightly brighter sounding system, while also hearing improvements in the overall naturalness/neutrality of the audio system.

- Ultra-thin dielectric insulation to eliminate memory effect in the capacitor.
- Extremely fast reacting capacitor.
- Very low ESR, SEL, inductance and dielectric absorption data.
- High quality aluminum foil wound with highly specialized machinery and precision winding techniques.
- Dedicated for 3.28 tweeter, 3.90 midrange and 3.165 woofer.
- High thickness PCB copper.
- Inside 4 step tweeter level adjustment.
- Oversized, non-inductive ceramic resistors.
- Polyester tweeter capacitor.

Technical Specifications

- Cut out Frequency: 350 / 3 KHz
- Crossover Slope: 12 dB/Oct LP, 6-6 dB/Oct BP, 12 dB/Oct HP
- 4-step tw/mid level adjustment
- Low Frequency section: 3.165
- Mid Frequency section: 3.90
- High Frequency section: 3.28

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