Special Speakers for VW cars

A car manufacturer like Volkswagen leaves nothing to chance, when developing a new generation of its best selling models. We took everything we learned from our experience to develop a great sounding audio system for VW Passat and VW Tiguan.

As there is no substitute for experience, we took everything we learned from engineering the UMA (mid-high speaker unit) - one of the world’s most exclusive technology - to develop the VW Passat front speakers, including the woofer and midrange with a single adaptor-flange, designed and engineered specifically to replace the original speaker.

The new ESB system for VW Passat offers a total of 10 speakers, the mid-woofer unit (VWP-WM) uses the ESB CS-W71, a totally new 7” woofer, and the CS-M21, a 2” dome midrange, both specifically designed for VW cars. Also the VWP-R61, the 6.3" rear woofer, uses a totally new component, the ESB CS-W51 6.3" woofer. The 1" tweeter ESB VW-FTW1 is the ESB CS-T21 used

also for the Audi and BMW cars, just with different adaptor and crossover. 

The ESB system for VW Tiguan offers a total of 8 speakers. The front system is composed of the VWT-F71, with ESB CS-W71 7” woofer inside, and the VWT-FTW1, with CS-T21 tweeter inside, with special adapter to fit the Tiguan original speaker housing. The rear system is composed of the VWT-R61, with the ESB CS-W51 6.3" woofer inside, and the VWT-RTW1, with ESB CS-T21

VW Special Speakers Series