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2-Way Mid-High Unit

Main Features

- This special and exclusive component driver is a concept conceived way back in 1970’s. Its aim is to concentrate medium and tweeter emissions in a single virtual point. This minimizes phase delays and irregularities at the crossover point.
- The neodymium magnet is of high grade to eliminate magnetic losses at elevate temperatures and concentrate more force in less space.
- The tweeter has a silk-impregnated thin fabric dome diaphragm for a smooth sound, with an outer suspension covered with a high-loss damping material to eliminate edge vibration and resonance.
- Pressed paper cone with waterproof treatment (midrange) offers the ideal marriage between lightness, stiffness, and the ability of the cone to dampen any unwanted vibration.
- The voice coil uses an aluminum support and a double layer winding technology of copper wire with an aluminum core.

Technical Specifications

- Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
- Nominal Power: 60 (mid), 80 (tw) W
- Transient Power: 120 (mid), 160 (tw) W
- Frequency Response: 130 Hz ~ 25 KHz
- Sensitivity: 86 (mid), 92 (tw) dB 2.83v/1m

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