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1"/25 mm Dome Tweeter

Main Features

- The tweeter features a silk-impregnated thin fabric dome diaphragm for a smooth sound, with an outer suspension covered with a high-loss damping material to eliminate edge vibration and resonance. The dome is of extremely low mass and is much less susceptible to mechanical deformation than other tweeters, yet provides a smooth, linear and very extended response.
- The 25 mm voice coil has an aluminum support and very light copper-coated aluminum wire. The voice coil is ventilated and damped with iron-fluid oil.
- The special SVS ventilation design provides two benefits: optimal cooling of the voice coil and avoiding compressing the air at the back of the dome.
- The neodymium N42 magnet, a type of magnet with significantly higher performance than "standard" magnets, is optimized with computer simulations to get better efficiency and improve linearity.

Technical Specifications

- Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
- Nominal Power Handling: 90 Watt
- Transient Power: 180 Watt
- Frequency Response: 900 Hz ~ 25 KHz
- Sensitivity: 94 dB 2.83v/1m

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