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1.1"/28 mm Dome Tweeter

Main Features

- All the parts that make up this tweeter have been made with the CNC process. This is a very expensive and time consuming manufacturing process, but ensures perfect geometry and impeccable aesthetics. A mix of precious materials such as brass, stainless steel and Avional aluminum are used together for a unique product.
- The tweeter uses a very large vented neodymium motor magnet optimized with computer simulations (FEA) to obtain great efficiency and improved linearity all along the voice coil’s excursion. The neodymium magnet is of a high-grade to neutralize magnetic loss at elevated temperatures and concentrate more force in less volume.
- The Torcon® soft dome, an exclusive Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) with a high-performance fiber, offers superb heat resistance, low weight, excellent self-damping, to obtain a free resonance frequency response above the audible range. The semi-catenary profile on our diaphragm provides maximum stiffness at the tip of the dome. The result is clean, smooth and transparent sound reproduction with high efficiency from 940Hz to 25KHz with high power handling capacity.
- The center ventilation hole provides an optimal cooling of the moving coil to handle high power without dynamic compression, while at the same time, reducing the compression of the air at the back of the dome with a great reduction of distortion and extended response to lower frequencies. A special acoustic resistance helps control the tweeter Qts. Residual resonance is neutralized by the dB Cloth® under-dome damping material which extends the frequency response to the lower limits and reduces harmonic distortion.
- To mount the tweeter, the installer can use the classic solution that ESB has recommended for decades: an aluminum threaded ring.

Technical Specifications

- Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
- Nominal Power Handling: 110 Watt
- Transient Power: 220 Watt
- Frequency Response: 940 Hz ~ 25 KHz
- Sensitivity: 94 dB 2.83v/1m

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