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The Performance Series

The 1000 Series was conceived and designed to offer ESB sound in low-cost speakers, without sacrificing quality. The woofer’s pressed paper cone, the large voice coils for handling high power, and the silk dome tweeters with neodymium magnets, are just some of the features that make these speakers uncompromising.

The tweeter: The 1000 series tweeters use a silk dome for a smooth and natural sound. The dome is of extremely low mass and is much less susceptible to mechanical deformation. It provides a smooth, linear and very extended response. The high-grade neodymium magnet is optimized to provide better efficiency and improved linearity, ensuring greater power management with increased bandwidth and efficiency. The woofer: Cones made of paper are the ideal marriage between lightness, stiffness and the ability of the cone to dampen any unwanted vibration. The rubber surround ensures high damping and transversal stability, eliminating movements that could cause contact with the 25 mm voice coil and the magnet. The high grade 10 Oz ferrite magnet has a higher performance, ensures greater power management, and offers higher efficiency.


Shallow Subwoofer

(Only 9.5 cm / 3.74" Deep)

Main Construction Features


• Polystyrene Cone

• Long-throw Rubber Surround

• 2”/51 mm Voice Coil

• 40.5 Oz Ferrite Magnet

• Nominal Power Handling: 250 Watts

• Transient Power: 500 Watts

• Impedance: 4+4 or 2+2 Ohm

• Sensitivity: 90 dB (1.10SD4) / 93 dB (1.10SD2)

• Frequency Response: 30 - 400 Hz

• Recommended Sealed Enclosure:

0.77 ft3 / 22 lit.

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