The 6000 Series is back

The 6000 series has always stood out in two types of products, the Blue Note and the Hard Rock Series, to provide listeners with the right system for their listening needs. Now we are developing the new, unique, 6000 Series, to provide all kinds of listeners with the perfect system. 

An old tradition, renewed


The project of the new 6000 starts from the older sister, the 8000. We have taken the best technologies available and we have adapted them to the new project. For the woofer we used the same oversized magnet in high quality ferrite, the same design of the basket, to ensure the best compromise between structural rigidity and ventilation, and we added a new carbon fiber cone woven with Kevlar, a perfect balance between strength, lightness and internal damping. This ensures a rapid and dynamic response to transients, making reproduction extremely realistic. Also, high rigidity guarantees levels of very low distortion, even at higher excursions.

For the highs we have chosen the proven 1.1"/ 28 mm silk dome tweeter. This material is particularly suitable for its characteristics of lightness. The rigidity is given by the resins that stabilize the shape even at very high pressures. Shell in high rigidity aluminum obtained from solid with surface hardening treatment. Its design has been designed to ensure perfect mechanical coupling between all the parts of the tweeter, avoiding any deformation. This ensures a high quality reproduction, constant over time. The front part has been designed in order not to interfere with the frontal emission of the tweeter.

Series under developing...

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